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– Covenant Enforcement

-Assessing Safety Concerns

-Communication with the Board of Directors & Homeowners

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2013 The Lakes Spring Fling

President John Aleman pictured with Troy Modlin CEO of TPMG



Former President John Aleman pictured with Troy Modlin CEO of TPMG.  In the background is a banner of all the vendors that helped sponsor the event, many of whom had a booth that allowed them to present their expertise to homeowners. This event has been ongoing for 8 years straight.

Mr. Modlin preparing condiments for the over 700 people attending Spring Fling



Mr. Modlin preparing condiments for the over 700 people attending the event. The Spring Fling has become a yearly event at The Lakes.  It is co-sponsored by the Association Vendors.  For the last five years, Mr. Modlin has put the event together for the community which includes many activities for children, a DJ, free food for the homeowners and other entertainment that is attended by hundreds of residents and guests.





Front Entrance Appearance

Front Entrance Appearance



This is an example of how visitors waiting in line to enter a community gather their first impressions of a community.  Maintenance of your front entrance and the use of different colored landscaping providing real estate appeal to potential buyers and existing residents.





At TPMG we pride ourselves on landscape inspection.  We encourage the community and landscape vendors to invest into curb appeal to maintain and increase the value of their community.  Our Managers are trained in all of the proper terminology of landscaping and what to look out for in order to communicate it properly to the landscapers and pest control companies.



Fallen Light Pole

Fallen Light Pole


As infrastructure gets older, corrosion sets in and dangerous things can happen.  The Associations maintenance company was immediately informed and arrived with minutes to take safety precautions.






Light Pole - Safety


At TPMG our first thought is about safety.  We placed caution tape over the area and placed a cone with reflective tape on it to make it as visible as possible until additional personnel arrived to remove the street light in the proper vehicle.  TPMG was on site throughout the duration.




 Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle Accidents


An accident can happen at any time for a variety of reasons.  TPMG was informed about this accident and arrived within minutes to asses the situation and acquire all pertainent information to protect the Association.


Gate Repair

Gate Repair


All gated communities have gate issues from time to time.  In this photo, TPMG is managing the installation of a new loop detector.




Loop Detector

Pavement 2



This photo is of the actual removal of the old loop detector.  TPMG was on site during the entire process to ensure that process was as efficient as possible.








It is a fact that South Florida is prone to flooding.   TPMG response to these scenarios is to arrive on scene to help determine if the Association has a clogged drain.  We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and remove debris if necessary.




Emergency Scenario

Emergency Scenario


This is a photo of the City removing an entire 40 foot tree because the roots burst a water main pipe.  TPMG stayed on site to ensure safety and proper communication to the Board of Directors and to other residents.